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26 Years ago we named our company NATURE FIRST, because we knew that our friends and neighbors were looking for a green and more organic choice in pest control and extermination services.

First we look for and fix the environmental reasons for your pest or rodent problem using Nature, not pesticides or poisons.

When necessary, to protect you, your pets and your property, we may use products that are on the “Low Impact Pesticide List” and the “Reduced Risk List”.

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Common sense is the most important tool in natural pest control, and it isn’t so common. Every day we hear horror stories from our customers about their experiences with other pest control companies. Most of these problems were caused by not using a common sense approach to pest control. We use a do no harm approach in every pest control situation.

Nature First has observed two major pest invaders arrive in Portland over the past 15 years. Odorous house ants have invaded Portland to the extent that they have displaced most of the native carpenter ant species. These ants are hard to eliminate and they require a whole green approach to exterminate them.

Roof rats arrived in Portland a few years ago and have become a huge pest control issue. Roof rats often use the holes that squirrels have opened on your roof.

Fall in Portland Oregon brings out the most aggressive behavior from bees and wasps. These nests is are at their largest and the workers and guards are very aggressively defending their territories. Wasp are travling long distances to hunt for protein to raise next years queens. These yellow jacket queens will hide over winter and start totally new nests next year. Destroying wasp nest now will prevent new nests next year near that location.

If you have a problem we will solve it. Guaranteed!

Pest Control Portland – What you’ll not get from us

  • No restricted pesticides
  • No large volume spray rigs
  • No fumigation
  • No soil injections
  • No minimum wage drifters
  • All our work is guaranteed.

Green Pest Control Service

Green Eco-friendly Pest Control & Exterminators using Sustainable, Organic, Natural and Green methods. We safely eliminate Ants, Mice, Rats, Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Fleas, Cockroaches, Spiders, and Termites.

Rodent Control and Extermination

Mouse extermination, Rat Control and Ant control all require great detective skills when using green extermination methods.

Providing natural, pet safe, rat and mouse rodent control and extermination.

Denying rats and mice an entry is the first and most important step in eliminating them.
We offer “NO POISON” total rodent elimination with guaranteed results.

Stay away from any company that puts out bait and assures you that the rodents will leave your house and go to water. This is total BS. We use no bait. We seal the entry points and guarantee the results for one year!

Crawl Space Clean Out

We offer crawl space clean out and restoration services for our customers who have discovered rats and mice in their crawlspaces and attics. Nature First Pest Control always inspects the attic of a home with a rat problem.

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Department of Agriculture AG-L0073581CPO, CCB#207725, An Established leader in Natural Pest Control in Oregon and Washington. We strive to ‘exterminate’ naturally.

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