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We use outside the box, sustainable, organic, natural, and green methods with proven results

clean crawl space

We offer crawl space and Rat consulting by real Industry Experts, 


We offer “NO POISON” total rodent control. We never put poison bait boxes around your house. This is a temporary band aid to a much more serious problem.

These pests are hard to control, and they require a whole green approach for ant pest control to exterminate them. Learn more about or ant control solutions.

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Intelligent Pest Control Services For Portland and Seattle

When necessary to protect you, your pets and property, we may use products that are on the “Low Impact Pesticide List” and the “Reduced Risk List”. The pest control industry has made huge advances in the safety and efficacy of products approved for home use. We now know so much more about the biology and relationships between insects, rodents, and the eco systems that we are all a part of.  As an example, building a home on what was a bare field, creates a micro climate that encourages some pests, and discourages others.

Our Rational Pest Control Treatment

Every property we service is unique, and so are our pest treatments. When you see a competitors pest control truck equipted with a big tank and spray rig, you can bet that almost all their customers get the same spray, in the same concentrations, in the same ways. That is very efficient, and cost saving for the spray and pray companies. Our equipment of choice is a one-gallon hand sprayer, not two hundred gallons of the same mix for everyone.

We don’t believe in chemical barriers, it's Poor Science

If we spray the foundation of your house, we will use products that target insects will not detect and freely walk across. We do not want to lock in insects that are already inside. We are going for a colony kill, not a temporary bandaid that requires continual sprays. In this way we achieve a much bigger impact on insect populations than with traditional treatments. And, with a lot less product use.

Pest Management Services

Common sense and our 30 years experience are our most valuable tools at Nature First Portland and Seattle.  We believe good detectives make exceptional pest control technicians. A one size, one spray fits all approach is no doubt profitable for other companies, but is not tolerated here

We have the ability to identify the underlying conditions that are causing the problem, before we ever treat your home.

Services you’ll not get from us

  • No restricted pesticides
  • No large volume spray rigs
  • No fumigation
  • No soil injections
  • No minimum wage drifters
27th Year Nature First Pest Control Portland

Portland and Seattle 'No Poison' Rat Elimination

Roof rats arrived in Portland and Seattle a few years ago and have become a huge issue. Roof rats often use the holes that squirrels have opened on your roof. Removing rats from your Portland area attic can become complicated. Roof Rats have access to the entire house when they enter via the roof. We use our experience to implement controls in a logical sequence designed to avoid making these intelligent rats trap shy. It is in our best interest  to satisfactorily solve the problem as soon as possible. We might like you, but we don’t want to return for the same issue. 

Pet Safe Rodent Control and Extermination

Rat control often requires us to crawl around a house on hands and knees, to locate all the rodent entry points. How else can you find ALL of the entrances? Denying rats and mice any entry to your structure, is the first, and most crucial step to make your home rodent free. This painstaking inspection process separates us from the ‘Poison Providers’. They are too lazy to do the real inspection work required to provide Eco-Friendly, pet safe, rat and mouse elimination.

We offer “NO POISON” total rodent control. We never put poison bait boxes around your house. This is a temporary band aid to a much more serious problem. We may offer contraceptives in our Good Neighbor System, instead of poisons, to control the rodent population explosion for you and your neighbors.

Stay away from any pest control company that puts out bait and assures you that the rodents will leave your house and go to water. This is total BS. We use no bait. We seal the entry points, trap the invaders, and usually offer No Return warranties.

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Crawl Space and Rat Exclusion Consulting

We offer consulting services from our licensed experts, who each have over ten years experience. If you suspect that rats and mice have damaged your crawlspace or attic, and are at a loss as to how to address the issue, you will appreciate a professional evaluation with no sales pitch.  Due to current conditions, we no longer do clean out services.

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