Quick Cockroach Tips

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The clients of Nature First Pest Control of Portland, Oregon often wonder why they have cockroaches in their brand new home. They know it was just built and that it should really be pest free, but this is often not the case.

Cockroaches and other insect infestations are a common problem in new homes. Ants, cockroaches, and other insects get moved around by building practices that radically change the existing eco system. Cutting down trees, changing water run off patterns, and planting sod all have significant effects on how insect populations move. Workers often leave open containers of trash and left over food throughout the house during the various construction phases. Visiting college kids, purchasing bulk foods, domestic workers, are all factors that can contribute to a cockroach infestation in a new home.

Cockroach infestations are known to cause health problems such as allergies, asthma, and other bronchial disorders. Cockroaches are known to spread salmonella bacteria, M.R.S.A.and other disease carrying organisms. While calling a cockroach extermination or pest control company may be necessary, there are steps that you can take to prevent them from even coming in and staying your house.

Dust under all appliances and drawers with a light coating of Boric Acid dust. This dust is usually labeled Roach Pruff, or similar, and is available in stores. Boric acid dust is not a direct toxin to the roaches. It instead works on killing the insects gut bacteria and literally turns scattered grease and food crumbs into a bait that will kill them.

Visitors from other areas of the country and college students can bring cockroaches and Bed Bugs along with them in their baggage. This is the most common way to get bed bugs in your home. Anyone who has been traveling abroad or in large cities should follow some simple decontamination practices when they get home, or visit your house.

Dry drain traps are food and shelter for cockroaches, and drain flies. You can avoid the problem by regularly running water in unused bathrooms, showers, basement floor drains, and toilets that connect to these drains.

Bulk food purchased from natural food stores and open markets can bring the problem into your living environment. Ethnic food?Empty out indoor trash containers regularly and keep them clean on the inside and the outside. A little boric acid dust on the floor around the trash container is very helpful. Wash dishes immediately after meals because cockroaches will get attracted to food residue.

Regularly vacuum areas where people sit down to eat. It is not enough to just sweep, especially in work environments. These areas are usually not cleaned properly and will be frequented by cockroachs and ants. Do not store paper and plastic bags and other debris around the refrigerator or under the sink.

Modern cockroach baits are very effective if placed very near the cockroach hiding places or harborages. Look for spots below a hiding place that look like coffee grounds. This is where you should place the bait.

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