Honey Bees in the BBQ

honey bee
Wild Honey bee comb

We provide pest control for bees, wasps, hornets, and yellow jackets.

This pic was sent in by a relative. He needs to clean his grill more often. These Honey bees must have swarmed and landed here this spring. It was a shame he had to kill the colony, because we have so few healthy colonies. Bee keepers love to get these swarms because they are the strongest colonies. However, I have had bee keepers refuse to take a swarm or colony because it was too late in the season. They said that the chances of a late swarm surviving were not good and that they would have to feed it for almost a year before the new honey bee colony would be self sustaining.<

In any case, Nature First Pest Control always explores every option to save a honey bee colony. If you see bee looking creatures flying in and out of your home, you need to call us immediately. It can be hard to tell the difference between honey bees and yellow jackets from a distance. Honey bees do a lot of damage to a structure in a short time. The honey, comb, and brood all will rot if the colony dies. I have seen foul smelling honey drip out of a homeowners ceiling after another pest control company sprayed the area and destroyed the bees.