Tualatin Bed Bug Seminar

I took these notes at a recent Bed Bug seminar held in Tualatin Or. The following is a list of ‘facts’ These facts may change over time.

It takes two to three days to have bites show up. New research suggests that most people require multiple bites over a period of time to show a reaction. In other words, you may never know you were bitten if you stayed in an infested room just one night. The real danger is bring the bed bugs home with you.

Some non toxic treatment methods are:

Diatomacous earth dust, and Cimex dust is even better. Heat immersion treatments are very effective if done right.

Anti climbing device for your bed legs, These work as traps to stop the bed bud from climbing ip the legs of the bed frames. When using these traps, do not let your bedding touch the floor. Pull your bed away from the wall and night stand.

Slow Low pressure steam treatment,

A GOOD mattress encasement with a special zipper is mandatory.

Bed bugs bite between Midnight and 5 a.m.

They will travel many yards, and often travel between rooms through plumbing and wireing.

Bed bugs feed every three to seven days. But they can go without food for at least three months.

Bed bugs are stimulated to search for hosts by the rise in CO/2 in a room, according to one theory.

Bed bugs must be inches away to sense body heat.

The exact method they use to find a host in a large area is unknown.

Bed bugs do not feed in lines and they do not bite in threes. Although I have seed their bites along underwear lines.

Bed bugs feed for five to ten minutes, then leave quickly without causing any immediate discomfort to their host.

A Bed bug can live for seventy days at room temperature.

In optimal conditions, the population doubles every sixteen days.

Typically, there is no blood left on the bedding.

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