The Hobo Spider

The hobo spider, Tegenaria agrestis, is a European immigrant that has only been implicated as a potentially poisonous spider in the United States since the 1980s. Another name commonly used for this spider is the aggressive house spider (although this spider is not aggressive). However, in seeking name stability, the American Arachnological Society has chosen “hobo spider” as the spider’s official common name. The name “hobo” is linked to the spider’s presumed spread to distant cities via the railways.

This is a Hobo spider or one of its close relatives.

According to U.C. Riverside, The hobo spider does not live in California and has never been documented in the state. There are many cases, however, of common related spiders being misidentified as hobo spiders by the general public and even by pest control operators. In North America, this spider lives in the Pacific Northwest from British Columbia east to Montana, Wyoming and Colorado and south through Oregon and northern Utah, so it is conceivable that its range may extend into the northernmost areas of California. However, there have been no documented verifications by a qualified arachnologist (spider specialist) to date.

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