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Giant house spider

Giant house spiders are recent immigrants to the Pacific Northwest. They came here from the British Isles on ships and have established themselves in the Portland and Seattle areas. These large spiders hunt other smaller spiders and small insects. They are not known to be harmful to humans. In late summer, the males of this species, and others, get love sick and stupid. Around August these 3 inch long spiders come out in the day time in houses looking for mates. Nature First can spray a very safe product along the baseboards of the interior of your house that will discourage and eliminate almost all of the spiders in your living areas.

This is one of the dozens of species of Wolf spider. This one had taken a wrong turn and ended up on my office desk. These hunting spiders make a small tunnel or funnel nest close to the ground and near a food source, like an ant colony. In my inspections, I use the presence of these spiders as an indication of other insect activity close by. These hunting spiders are harmless to humans.

a Wolf Spider

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Orb weaving spiders

This is an Orb-weaver garden spider. There are dozens of different sub species of web weavers here in the Northwest. These spiders make the webs that we walk into when walking around our house and near shrubbery. These spiders send out spinnerets of silk using the wind direction to aim for anchor points at a distance. Once they have an anchor, they send out several more anchors and proceed to build a web to catch flying insects. You can knock these webs down today and they will be back in roughly the same place the next day. These spiders are also harmless to humans. Their defense is to drop to the ground when their web is destroyed. Birds and yellow jackets are their main predators.

These are Spider mites. They are not spiders. This specie of mite feeds on plant juices and the eggs are laid in clusters. The mites in these clusters all hatch at once and they look like baby spiders. They are bright red and bright green. They are harmless to humans, but can cause considerable damage to some plants.

Spider mites
Spider mites Closeup

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