Ideal garden aphid predator

Nature First Pest Control is often asked about natural and green methods of controlling pests in organic gardens.

Japanese beetles or Lady bugs were all the rage a few years ago. Folks bought them by the thousands and released them into their gardens as a green solution to control pest aphids. Now we seem to have more than we need and they are a real nuisance in some areas.

Garden releases were good in theory, but failed to take into account the real world. First, if there were not a Lot of aphids in your garden, the lady bugs would fly off in search of same. You had to time their release just right to get any benefit at all. They are an introduced species that may eventually prove to be of more harm than good. I suppose the lesson here is that even with the best ideas, there can be unintended consequences. And don’t buy any more lady bugs.

Praying Mantis egg cases are a better alternative predator for your non toxic garden pest control needs.

We have found neem oil and botanical soaps to work the best to control pests in home gardens.


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