Portland Oregon Invaded by Alien Squirrels

Portland Oregon has been invaded by Alien Squirrels.

So, you have noises in your attic?  These noises could be caused by several things. Squirrels, Rats, Mice, and larger animals, like Raccoons, make roof noises. Tree limbs rubbing against the house can cause strange sounds, and heating systems that creak, pop, and groan can sometimes the culprits.  Call Nature First Pest Control to find out exactly what is going on in your attic. If you have squirrels, we offer Natural, Green Pest control using exclusion and traps. Do not put off making that call. Rodents can quickly do major damage to your insulation, wall board, and electrical wiring.

The greater Portland Metro area has seen an invasion of the Eastern Fox squirrel. Randy, the owner of Nature First noticed a change in the squirrel population in residential areas about 15 years ago. He had admired the beautiful large grey squirrels here, and noted how they seemed to prefer the conifers to the deciduous trees in the area. Over several years, he noticed that the squirrels had changed from silver to a fox brown color and had significantly changed their behavior patterns.

After talking with local wildlife officials and some animal rescue folks, the facts have emerged.

Indeed, the Portland area native Grey squirrel population has been invaded and in many cases taken over and eliminated by the Eastern Fox Squirrel. These invaders have not only taken over the territory, but they have managed to breed with the Native Grey Squirrels. This has resulted in a dramatic extermination of the pure Native Grey Squirrel populations.

The Fox squirrels (not the Native Greys) have a nasty habit of girdling whole sections of Maples and Oaks. They kill whole sections of trees to create a mass of dead leaves from which to make nests. He noticed three severely damaged trees in his yard in Tigard. Randy saw the fox squirrels chewing off the bark all the way around large tree limbs. A wood lot owner confirmed to Randy that he had heavy damage to his hardwood trees from the invading fox squirrels.  Both species will chew a hole in the edge of your roof in valleys and overhangs.

Roof Rats were the next rodent pest invaders to Portland, and soon learned to take advantage of the roof openings used by squirrels. Whenever we find that we are dealing with roof rats, we almost certainly find roof damage caused by the fox squirrels and being used by the rats.

Call Nature First Pest Control if you hear noises in your attic or walls. We have over a quarter century of rodent experience here in the Portland Oregon area.