Indoor Air Health Issues

Excess humidity causes breathing problems, mold growth, and supports the growth of dust mites.  High humidity causes damage to furnishings, furniture and wood floors.

Dust Mites love our homes in Portland. The average relative humidity here is about 75% to 80%. Dust Mites stop eproducing when the humidity falls below 50% our WAVE air management system removes moist air from the lowest part of your crawl space and prevents it from being drawn upward by the stack effect. This lowers the humidity in the crawl space and in the living area to 40% or less. This system is adjustable for humidity levels and air circulation volume.

Mold stops growing when the relative humidity falls below 70%

Our WAVE air system typically lowers indoor humidity to a healthy 40%

Pollen is pulled into a crawlspace through the open foundation vents and gaps at the foundation. It is transported directly into your living area by the stack Effect. Your furnace filter never has a chance to remove it.

Our WAVE air management system stops the stack effect and prevents the pollen from entering from your crawl space.

Volatile Organic Compounds like formaldehyde and methane are released naturally by building materials and the ground

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