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We have received a number of calls for House Fly control this year. When you are getting more than a few flies in your house you usually have a dead body problem. In other words, something has died in your house.

The flies can be a good thing. Flies lay eggs on the carcase and the maggots quickly reduce the bio mass. Without the flies you may get more smell from the carcass.

The number of flies you get depend on the size of the dead animal. Removing the animal is sometimes not an option and the flies are the solution to the odor problem.

Letting the flies do the work is the Green, Organic and Natural way Nature does things.

Green Fly Control Service

Green Eco-friendly Pest Control using Sustainable, Organic, Natural and Green methods. We safely eliminate Flies.

We are the leader in Natural and Organic Pest Control in Portland. We always try to exterminate naturally.

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