Fleas in Oregon

An image of a Flea
This cat flea is the culprit in the Portland area.

Exterminators and Pest Control companies in Portland, Beaverton and Tigard received more flea complaints this year than the last four years combined.

With the new awareness of Bed Bugs comes increased concern about bumps, bites, and welts on the skin, especially those found upon arising in the morning. There are typically two reactions to flea bites. Some folks get no reaction at all to either Fleas or Bed Bugs. And some folks are made miserable with redness and itching.

As a Pest Control Company we suspect that there may be a connection between the increased numbers of coyotes, raccoons and opossums in Beaverton and Tigard and the increased flea problems with our pets this year. Throwing the cat or dog out of the house is often the worst thing to do.

How do you know if you have fleas or bed bugs or something else that needs to be exterminated? As a Pest Control company, we always take our shoes off to enter a suspected flea infested home.  With white socks on, we slowly walk around the home looking for fleas to jump onto the white socks. If there are even a few fleas present on the floors, you will clearly see them jump onto the white socks. We tell our clients to do the same thing and to spend extra time near the pet or infants bedding and play areas. This method of finding the fleas may help you decide if you need to call Nature First Pest Control.

When you call Nature First Pest Control, we will offer several Flea treatment options.  We always educate our clients about non chemical and physical ways to prevent future infestations. Please feel free to call, if only for more information.