Did your Squirrels leave a door open?

Rat and Squirrel Trap Set
Rat and Squirrel Trap Set

During our Rat exclusion process, Nature First Pest Control has  often discovered that Roof Rats had moved into a house via a hole that squirrels had origionally chewed in the roof area. These Roof Rats quickly occupied the attic and soon the entire house, including the basement and Crawl space. When we do a crawl space cleanout or remediation, we make sure to check the roof area.

We have sealed up homes that were Rat and Mouse free for months, Then a squirrel moved back into the attic by chewing open a new hole near one of the origional holes in the roof line. The neighborhood Roof Rats soon found the new opening and they quickly displaced the squirrels by driving them away. The rats found the stored food that the squirrels had been stashing in the roof and used that as a basis to raise a litter of young.

Squirrels do much less damage to an attic area than the rats. Squirrels prefer to leave their droppings and urine outside of their den areas. Unlike rats, that use feeces and urine to mark specific territories and show dominance and territorial lines.

A litter of rats will soon turn into dozens of hungry explorers. They will occupy the hidden areas of the entire house and will intrude into the human living areas. Pet food and other things start to disappear, appliances stop working, and a certain odor permeates the house before the infestation is noticed.

Often the first sign that a house is infested with rodents is the reactions of pets.  Dogs and cats will stare at and bark at rat hiding places. Some pets will continue this behavior well after Nature First Pest Control has solved the rat problem.

We are the only company that offers complete rodent control without using toxic baits. Our detective work and twenty seven years of experience will guide us in locking the rats out of your home.