Defense from Bed Bugs, Travelers returning home.

Asked about Bed Bug Prevention, I give these suggestions.

When traveling, take along enough good garbage bags to put your luggage and other things in during your stay. Store luggage in the bath tub. Put your computers away in the garbage bags when you are not using them. Carefully inspect the mattress seams.

Greet your traveling family member in your garage with a bath robe. Tell them to strip and put their clothing immediately in the washing machine. or bag it up for the dry cleaners.

Set the luggage outside and take everything out. Get a can of eco friendly essential oils pest spray and spray the inside of the luggage and leave it outside for at least 24 hours.

Put electronics, toiletry cases and alarm clocks and wool clothing in a garbage bag, and spray the inside with a natural pesticide.. Many professionals use Nuvan Pro Strips. They leave them in the tightly sealed bag or the luggage for several days.

Some folks put pest strips in their luggage to use when they travel, but don’t try to go through customs with any kind of pesticide.

Many of my clients do not care how ‘Natural” a treatment is when It comes to Bed Bugs, but we do.

If a few bed bugs get through your defenses, call us immediately and we may be able to stop the infestation with more natural solutions before it really gets going.

Your natural choice when looking for organic green pest control for bed bugs and more.