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Do any of your family members have health conditions, such as allergies that expose them to greater harm from pests? Clearing your crawl space and attic space of wood debris, cardboard, soiled vapor barrier, insulation, rodent urine, and droppings are key components of integrated pest management.

Here we have insulation that has been matted down and destroyed by rodent urine and droppings. This can affect your health

Crawlspace Rodent Nesting Site

Rodent nesting sites are often primary source of orders in homes.

Proper ventilation provides cleaner breathable air in your living space.

Ask us about exclusion work, crawl space, and attic clean outs.

We also licensed to perform vapor barrier replacement and insulation services. Call at 503.579.3680 for an inspection of your crawl space and attic. In addition, crawl spaces can be a breeding ground for mold.

Some facts about mold you need to be aware of:

1. mold is a fungus

2. needs an organic food source to survive

3. needs moisture above ~ 50%

4. is in the air everywhere

5. thrives with temperatures between 40 – 110° F

6. will not die when treated with bleach on porous surfaces

7. goes dormant when moisture levels drop- it does not die

8. mold that is dormant or dead can still cause allergy problems

9. cannot be identified by the naked eye

10. is best cleaned up with a disinfectant, sanitizer, and virucide. This is where proper ventilation comes into play. Non-ventilated or improperly vented foundations contribute to moisture issues and unsafe conditions, such as unhealthy air, damp rot, molds, general pest infestations and structural (e.g. carpenter ants and termites) pest damage.

Vent hole cut

The vent is ready for insertion after a proper size hole was cut in the proper location.

Installing Vent

Mike is now installing the vent.

Vent after installation

After installation, the vent leaves home aesthetically pleasing

Foundation temp vents can significantly reduce moisture within foundations and crawl spaces. Automatic foundation temp vents do not use electricity. They use a bi-metal coil system that senses temperature and closes automatically at ~ 40 degrees F., protecting pipes and conserving energy. Conversely, temp vents open when the temperature reaches 70 degrees F., allowing proper air flow into your crawl space keeping the air space and wood surface moisture at a minimum.

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