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We provide pest control in Portland for cockroaches.

Cockroaches will eat anything organic including roach droppings. Control can be difficult when a small grease spatter that we can barely see will feed many roaches. Other food sources include pet and human hair, crumbs, drops of soft drinks in their bottles, scattered pet food, wallpaper paste, glue, spilled spices, and coffee grounds, dried flowers, mold, dirty clothing, and even some soaps.

Cockroaches spread disease and are a direct cause of childhood allergies and asthma. They spread diseases that are carried by rats and humans. Children have been found in tenement slums with no eyelashes because the cockroaches literally ate them while they slept.

Portland Cockroach Exterminators

Cockroaches are not a major problem in Portland Oregon. Nature First Pest Control gets occasional calls for cockroach control in a few restaurants and lunch areas of some buildings. Modern low impact extermination methods can quickly resolve these problems, while not exposing people in these environments to toxic products.

Roaches are very sensitive to most of the chemical sprays used against them. When you have someone spray for them on a monthly basis, all you are accomplishing is to keep them away from the sprayed areas, and you are helping to develop insecticide resistant roaches. There are better and safer ways to eliminate them.

Baits, applied properly applied, are very effective. Boric acid dust can be a godsend.Nature First has over 28 years of experience using Green, Least Toxic, Organic, environmentally friendly treatments.

Green Cockroach Control Service

Green Eco-friendly Pest Control using Sustainable, Organic, Natural and Green methods. We safely exterminate Cockroaches in and around Portland restaurants and businesses.

We are the leader in Natural and Organic Pest Control in Portland. We always try to exterminate naturally.

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