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We are a Beaverton pest control company using Sustainable, Organic, Natural and Green methods. We safely eliminate Ants, Mice, Rats, Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Fleas, Cockroaches, Spiders, and Termites.

27 Years ago, we named our company Nature First Pest Control because we knew that our friends and neighbors were looking for a green and more organic choice in Beaverton pest control and extermination services. We took a different path than the rest of the industry. While there were many commercial accounts that required long term programs with monthly visits, most homeowners in the Beaverton area really did not need that type of service. The pest treatment methods that were the industry standard in most of the country were literally overkill. We embraced the idea that spraying anything is always the last step in a thoughtful process that starts with asking the right questions. First we identify, and when possible, fix the environmental reasons for your pest or rodent problem. On this site you will find dozens of conditions discussed that contribute to, or directly cause, insect and rodent problems. You will find that we are knowledgeable, helpful, and patient when we give you information and advice about your situation.

Time to Call a Local Ant Exterminator

New Ants cause big problems. They have bigger colonies, spread quickly from house to house and have been designated a “Wood Destroying Organism”. Odorous house ants have all but replaced Carpenter ants in Beaverton and the surrounding towns. Nature First Pest Control has developed specific treatments for these invaders.

We Kill The Colony. Most companies tell you to clear out your kitchen and stay out of the house for hours after they spray. And they tell you that they have to spray again every six weeks. Pest companies that use repellent products must keep respraying on a regular schedule. They have no interest in killing the colony because they want to keep you seeing ants, and stay on the contract.

Pest Management Services

Don’t make wasps or yellow jackets mad. The fall brings out the most aggressive behavior in all kinds of stinging insects. Wasps and hornets have very well-defined territories and will defend their nests. Lawn mowing and trimming shrubbery is a common way to get stung from ground nests. Extra precautions are needed when yellow jackets nest in the walls or roof of a house. Call us to free yourself of these pesky insects.

Technicians in Beaverton

Deny spiders their food. Spiders rely on a steady supply of smaller insects for their food. Nature First has many ways to disrupt the spider food supply and greatly reduce their numbers. We use only natural pest control solutions to exterminate and control your spider problems.

What you’ll not get from us

  • No restricted pesticides
  • No large volume spray rigs
  • No fumigation
  • No soil injections
  • No minimum wage drifters
  • Our work is guaranteed.

If you have a pest problem, we will solve it. Guaranteed! Call for a Free Estimate!

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Beaverton Rodent Control Services

Rat Control requires great detective skills when using green extermination methods. We often crawl around a house on hands and knees to locate all the rodent entry points.

Denying rats and mice an entry to your structures, is the first and most crucial step in eliminating them. This painstaking inspection process helps us provide natural, pet safe, rat and mouse control and extermination.

We offer “NO POISON” total rodent control Beaverton area homes and businesses with long term warranties. We never put poison bait boxes around your house. This is a temporary band aid to a much more serious problem.

Removing rats from your attic can become complicated. Rats usually have access to the entire house when they enter via the roof. We exterminate rats in your house in a logical sequence designed to avoid making rats trap shy. We rely on permanently blocking rats out from your house as the core of our rat control services.

We provide a written report that includes areas of concern or conditions that encourage rats. Our reports include items the homeowner should be aware of and lists those items that are not urgent and can be addressed later.

Stay away from any pest control company that puts out bait and assures you that the rodents will leave your house and go to water. We use no bait. We seal the entry points, trap the invaders, and we guarantee the results for one year!

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Department of Agriculture AG-L0073581CPO, CCB#207725, An Established leader in Natural Pest management. We strive to ‘exterminate’ naturally.

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