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Green Eco-Friendly pest control and exterminators using sustainable, organic, natural and green methods. We safely eliminate Ants, Mice, Rats, Bees, Wasps, Hornets, Fleas, Cockroaches, Spiders, and Termites.

Ant Exterminators

New Ants cause big problems in Aloha. They have bigger colonies, spread quickly from house to house and have been designated a “Wood Destroying Organism”. Odorous house ants have all but replaced Carpenter ants in Aloha and the surrounding towns.
Nature First Pest Control has developed specific treatments for these invaders.

Rodent Control Aloha

Take action if you suspect there are Rats or Mice living under your home or business. Live and let live does not apply to rodent pests that will damage your Aloha home or office and perhaps make you sick. You must keep them out of your home for good. Don’t wait for poisons and the smells that follow their use. Hire a professional exterminator to rid you of this nuisance.

Bee Control

Don’t make wasps or yellow jackets mad. The fall brings out the most aggressive behavior in all kinds of stinging insects. Wasps and hornets have very well-defined territories and will defend their nests. Lawn mowing and trimming shrubbery is a common way to get stung from ground nests. Extra precautions are needed when yellow jackets nest in the walls or roof of a house. Call us to free yourself of these pesky insects.

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Aloha Exterminators

Deny spiders their food. Spiders in Aloha rely on a steady supply of smaller insects for their food. Nature First has many ways to disrupt the spider food supply and greatly reduce their numbers. We use only natural pest control solutions to exterminate and control your spider problems.

27 Years ago we named our company Nature First Pest Control, because we knew that our friends and neighbors were looking for a green and more organic choice in pest control and extermination services.

We are members of National Pest Control Association, Dept. of Agriculture AG-L0073581CPO, CCB#207725, An Established leader in Natural Pest Control in Oregon and Washington. We strive to ‘exterminate’ naturally.

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