Ants coming to your house on a wire.

Highway in the Sky

cable tv invading ants

Cable TV Ant

Look up at your connecting wires to your house. If these wires touch a tree within 50 feet of your house, you may have a high wire act like this one. This is more of an ant super highway.

These belong to a species of Carpenter ant that prefers to live in your attic or roof if trees are near by. You can spray the lawn and the lower part of your house regularly and never exterminate these ants nesting in your roof and walls.

This carpenter ant species lives and feeds in trees. The tree provides everything a carpenter ant colony needs to live. But when there is a cable highway leading to your roof line they will take advantage of the opportunity and move right in. Your house provides the ant colony with superior predator protection and more stable warmth cycles. Nature First Pest Control realizes that is is sometimes impractical to cut every branch away from these wires. And the wires usually can not be relocated. We use a propritary non toxic substance to coat these wires and discourage tne carpenter ants from using them.

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