I am continually educating home owners about the futility of using most of the commercially available ant bait stations, or ‘ant traps’ as they are called. I have yet to find a ‘trap’ for sale in stores that works here in Portland’s Pacific North Wet climate. IMHO, these ant bait stations were designed to be marketed and used in California and are unsuitable here.

Nature First Pest Control  has observed that some of these store baits work too quickly and kill ants before the active ingredient gets spread throughout the colony. Some of these baits based on borax work too slowly and the ants change feeding preferences before acheving a colony kill. Both bait types can alarm the colony and cause it to split up inside your home. And to make matters worse, the homeowner is usually using some kind of spray near the stations. The spray could be a soap, window cleaner, or flower oils. If the station ever had any chance of working, forget it, these sprays ruin them.

The ant killer sprays do exactly that. Any ant that is directly contacted is killed instantly. This does nothing to kill the ant colony, and usually causes the colony to split up and move to another part of your house. We do not use any repellent sprays designed to kill on contact. We are not interested in making your problems worse so that you keep up with a contract.

We offer advanced bait technologies not available in stores. When combined with the right environment modifications and minimal exterior sprays, we can guarantee our results. Our knowledge of the ant species in this climate is critical to our success with ants.

Your natural choice when looking for organic residential and commercial Pest Control for Ants, Rodents, Wasps, Hornets, Spiders, Grain Beetles, Bats, and more. We need no ‘long term contracts’ to be the Ant elimination experts.

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