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Breath healthy air with professional air duct and dryer vent cleaning services in Portland Oregon

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Choosing who will clean your air ducts is not about discounts and ‘specials’ or equipment, it is about the company.

Nature First will go into the crawl space to inspect, and repair if needed, your Furnace duct work as part of our air duct cleaning service.

The ClearView Air Duct cleaning system is the first and only duct cleaning system that allows the customer and technician to see the dust and debris as it is being removed.

  • Are your utility bills higher than normal?
  • Is your furniture constantly dusty?
  • Has there been construction performed in your neighborhood?
  • Is anyone in your family experiencing allergies or breathing problems?
  • Have you had your hardwood floors refinished recently?
  • Have you seen or smelled rodent droppings?
  • Do you have animals living in your home?
  • Has it been over 5 years since you last had your ducts cleaned?

What We Do

Inspect seams and connections looking for:

  • Leaks
  • Rodent Damage
  • Mold intrusion marks on insulation
  • Fallen and pinched ducting
  • Disconnected room ducts

Free Leak Checkup. Don’t clean leaking ductwork. Find out what condition are your air ducts in.

If your home still smells after duct cleaning, they may be leaking and drawing moldy air from the crawl space.

Noisy ducts? Critters getting in? Hot air getting out? Inspection included with Cleaning.

Duct Cleaning Services

When should you have your air ducts inspected and cleaned?
The answer lies between…….

Never is the answer: if you live in a desert dry environment with no pets, kids, crawl space, or guests and you have a HEPA rated furnace filter that is changed on schedule.
We are obviously not describing Portland Oregon.

Right Away is the answer: if you have a damp crawl space, allergies, pets, kids or rodents living under your home.

If your allergy symptoms go away at work and return a couple of hours after you come home, Our duct cleaning services may help.

If your home has a distinctive smell when you or your friends first enter we can help.

Pets living in your home add a significant amount of organic particulates to the environment. Dandruff, hair, and saliva particles can get by the air handler filters to be deposited in the ducting.

Children can, and will, dump food and who knows what else into the floor vents. These materials will mold and produce spores that irritate allergies.

Mice, Rats and insects living in your crawl space love warm air ducting and will always try to find a way inside the system. Most of the older air ducting systems we encounter have gaps, sags, and actual holes that allow rodents to enter and contaminate the ducts. This is especially true for the plastic flex ducts, new or old.

Water collecting in the crawl space promotes moldy air leaking into the ducts, and this moisture can cause debris in the ducts to mold.

We offer Rehab and Repair services for your ducting when we find gaps and holes that allow damp crawl space air to be pulled directly into the ducts by the heating system. And, if rats and mice have been living there for a while, we usually see holes chewed into the soft ducts and nests inside the ducts.

Nature First’s economical duct system rehab service includes replacing failed old tape on major seams, reconnecting air duct joints, rehanging the sagged duct work off the ground where possible and repairing chew holes and tears in flexible ducting.

Removing or replacing duct insulation where it is compressed and soiled by rodents may be advised.

Nature First’s duct Rehabilitation and Cleaning service is much more economical than replacing damaged ducting.

Our process does not require you to leave your house during duct cleaning and sanitizing.

Dry Vent Cleaning Portland

Outdoorsmen know that dryer lint makes an excellent fire starter, and so does the Fire Department.

Dryer Vent Ducts Need Regular Cleaning

Consumer Protection groups say that Fifteen Thousand home fires are caused each year by clogged clothes dryer vents.

Does your dryer dry your clothes as quickly as when it was new? If not, the exhaust is almost certainly restricted.

It does not take a lot of lint buildup in your dryer duct to double your drying time and energy cost.

Nature First uses a combination of air pressure and mechanical scrubbing to restore air flow and remove hardened lint build up in dryer vent lines.

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