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27 Years ago, we named our company Nature First Pest Control Portland because we knew that our Portland friends and neighbors were looking for a green and more organic choice in pest control services. We took a different path than the rest of the industry. While there were many commercial accounts that required long term programs with monthly visits, most homeowners in the Portland area really did not need that type of service. The treatment methods that were the industry standard in most of the country were literally overkill for pest control in Portland. We embraced the idea that spraying anything is always the last step in a thoughtful process that starts with asking the right questions. First we identify, and when possible, fix the environmental reasons for your pest problem. On this site you will find dozens of conditions discussed that contribute to, or directly cause, insect and rodent problems. You will find that we are knowledgeable, helpful, and patient when we give you information and advice about your situation.


  • No Poison Rat and Mouse Elimination
  • Backyard Rat Contraceptive program
  • No Interior Spray Ant Elimination
  • Detailed Inspections with Pictures
  • Crawl Space Restoration and Repair
  • Home Health Impact Evaluations
  • Indoor Air Improvement Systems design and installation
Phone: 503-579-3680 We are open Monday – Saturday 7:00am to 8:00pm. Closed Sundays.

Over twenty seven years of experience means we learned to listen.

My Name is Randy and I founded Nature First Pest Control Portland in 1991. The book “Silent Spring” had just sounded the alarm on excessive pesticide use. The pest control industry was still in a “kill ‘em all” chemically dependent mode. Integrated Pest Management, I.P.M. for short, was just starting to be discussed, but not taken seriously by the pest control industry.
My approach, that using chemicals was a last resort, was ridiculed by most of the industry. They are not laughing any more.

We are one of a few select companies that have earned a Green Pro Certification for Eco-Effective Pest Control from the National Pest Management Association

Recently, we were named as one of the 100 most Innovative small businesses in America. We are featured as story #48 at Small Business Revolution.

I am extremely proud of our exemplary A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We Have over 300  A reviews with Angie’s List.

My “No Hassle” guarantee to you is simple. We will solve your problem, with efficiency and safety while minimizing any impact on you or the environment.

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