Innovations by Nature First Pest Control

  • No Poison Rat and Rodent Elimination
  • No Spray Ant Elimination
  • Detailed Inspections with Pictures
  • Crawl Space Restoration and Repair
  • Health Impact Evaluations

503-579-3680 Years of experience, we listen.

My Name is Randy and I founded Nature First Pest Control in 1991. The book “Silent Spring” had just sounded the alarm on excessive pesticide use. The pest control industry was still in a “kill ‘em all” chemically dependent mode. Integrated Pest Management, I.P.M. for short, was just starting to be discussed, but not taken seriously by the pest control industry.
My approach, that using chemicals was a last resort, was ridiculed by the rest of the industry. They are not laughing any more.

Recently, we were named as one of the 100 most Innovative small businesses in America. We are featured as story #48 at Small Business Revolution.

My “No Hassle” guarantee to you is simple. We will solve your problem, with efficiency and safety while minimizing any impact on you or the environment.

I am extremely proud of our exemplary A+ rating with the Better Business Bureau. We Have over 200” A “reviews with Angie’s List.