Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about pest control in Portland, Oregon

We are often asked about things in the course of day to day operations and conversations with customers, as well as friends and family. So we thought we have added a FAQ page to help everyone out.

Whats Biting Me?

Are they Spider bites? Fleas? Mites?
This question is asked so many times that we felt this should be the first of the most frequently asked questions that we decided to give an answer to.
The Bio-Integral Resource Center (B.I.R.C.) produced a great article in 2005.
This is the most informative guide to begin diagnosing bites and reactions we have ever seen.


What About Bed Bugs?

Bed Bugs have made a come back and arming yourself with the proper information is essential to fighting these persistent pests. The B.I.R.C. came out with a great article on 2007 to help you in the war against the Bed Bug invasion.